Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New study sees little need for vitamins, cites risks???


Some of you may have seen that new article posted on the risks of vitamins.


If you read carefully in this article, there is no writer... and the fact that they say Iron is detrimental is True! In this article the only thing for a fact is that EXCESS amounts of IRON is bad. This is why you must watch the amount of iron you take in.

You only need iron if your iron is low, excess iron causes cardiovascular conditions etc... so yes there is a risk. This is definitely true for men as, men do not menstruate the need for iron is a lot less than women.

Other vitamins such as B-vitamins an vitamin C must be replenished daily as they are water soluble.

This article is not all wrong but its not all right either. This is why you should seek a physician's advice before supplementing.

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